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  1. Hi I’m Skai Jackson from Disney channels Jessie and I love ur stuff I was wondering if u can make me a shirt with my face like drawn on there! Thnx and I want 2 advertise thnx

  2. Hello. I saw your custom crew neck on India loves instagram. I was wondering if you might be willing to make a custom for a special occasion. Let me know please.

  3. I just saw your line and was fascinated with the clothing you sell and the style! I love it!! My name is Brooke Earhart and I would love to spread the word about your clothing. I travel a lot, and spend summers in places from Phoenix to Arkansas to Las Vegas to California and to Miami! It would be an honor to sponsor you and model your clothing for instagram, facebook, or even out and about. Please give some form of feedback to let me know you got my message. Thank you for your time!
    Brooke Earhart

  4. Hello, my name is juddea. I was wondering if you needed a promoter because I would love to help you . I could promote on my facebook , twitter , instagram , etc.. Please think it over . Thank you .

  5. Holford Society is a drop shipping site selling a wide range of fashion clothing from High, Contemporary and Urban fashion. We are set to launch in December 2013 and are looking for great brands like yours to be part of this initial launch. Your brand is one of the few that we have chosen that represent exactly what we are looking for. The concept is simple: We upload the items you would like for us to put on our website and once we receive an order, we send you a purchase order along with a shipping label to send to our customers. All payments for weekly sales will be processed every Monday via pay pal, check, and money order which ever you prefer at a 65/35 split. A response will be greatly appreciated. If you have any a further questions feel free to contact us via email.

  6. Hello,
    I’m interested in your crew necks that were posted on indialoves Instagram a while back, which design would that be. Also do you think I would have it by valentines day? I would like to order two for me and my boyfriend we live in the us.


  7. Will there be a restock on the cement joggers ?
    Please reply to my email address or my instagram that i follow yall on (username:Bas3d_Discipl3)

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