Top 3 Trends Alert!

Okay ladies! It’s winter time and we are freezing, so let’s cut to the chase! How do we stay cute and warm while still maintaining our fashionable crowns? Well, I’ve gathered some of the most stylish trends of the season and narrowed them down to the top 3 must-wear! From color combos to prints, I’ve got you covered!

Black & Blue
The “iconic” color combination of the season is definitely navy blue & black. The fabulous looks of DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacobs, to the lovely Carolina Herrera have all been caught rockin’ this blend on the runway. It has gotten so popular that stylists and streetwalkers are even giving it a go and you should too!

Tip: Whether it be a dress or a top, the best way to pull of this look is simple! Keep the combo together! Pair it with a pop red lip-stain for a night out or a nude lip shade to give it a soft and pretty feel. Try styling the combo with a leather or embellished pant/legging/skirt. Most importantly, make it you!

Reptile print
Reptile print is probably one of thee most slithery looks that slips its way into every runway, BUT I love it! Prints can fit right in, no matter how different your style is. If you love it too, find a way to maneuver it in yours.

Tip: Remember that reptile can work with almost every color, so don’t think too hard on matching. If you’re planning on pulling this look off, make sure the accompanied color is basic. You don’t want to overdue it because the print is already a loud statement.

People say black is the only color that will never go out of style, but I’m pretty convinced burgundy is somewhere in that category too. It’s a youthful, ultra-femme look that catches your attention in the most sexiest way! Designers like Vera Wang to Jason Wu expressed how much they loved the oxblood color through some very unique designs.


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