Spring Fashion 2013

Yes, 2013 is finally here and we’re alive! Of course, Spring is coming up and it’s still chilly, but that never stops us. I’ve done some traveling and research and off top can already foresee the fashionable looks that are going to make wave. Not because we have to follow them, but because they inspire us! I like to forecast trends to save time and money. After all, we need to!

With that in mind, here’s an early preview ahead to Spring fashion in 2013. Find a way to adapt these looks in your everyday wear in a way that’s suitable for you, while stayin ahead of the game baby!

1. Collarless Blouses: whether high-necked or plunging, soft collarless blouses replace stiff business shirts for a sensual mood.


2. Belted Florals: expect a feminine, cinched in shape and longer hem (think above the knee to midi length). Whether business or casual, we expect to see the ladylike belted floral dress worn through the season.


3. Dudette Cap: sportswear maintains its influence into spring 2013, with baseball caps making a mark on the season’s accessory trends.


4. Document Clutch: slimline document clutches allow an ipad or small laptop to be carried in style, but also double as a sophisticated accessory for day or night.


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