Custom Designs

I’ve been doing a lot of custom vector designs lately, and a lot of people are asking the same questions and so I figured I need to make a post on the blog about it and also need to add an FAQ to the site as well. So are the pricing/order instructions to get a custom design done.

Text Designs: start as low as $35 but prices vary (depending on product)
Vector Designs w/o color (cartoon picture): start at $60
Full Color Vector Designs: start at $80

Order instructions:
Email a CLEAR and full head shot to and let me know the type of design you want to get (full color or just outline). Half of the payment is due before the work will begin on it, once it is completed you will get an email showing you how it looks. Once you are satisfied with the design the second half of the payment is made, and your design will be emailed to you and the product will be sent to production for printing and shipping. Total turn around is around 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of orders. Payments are made via PayPal to


One response to “Custom Designs

  1. So if i want a sweatshirt with a cartooon pictute of me on there how much would it be bt i want the sweatshirt to be like a hot pink bt not tooo hot! Im black so do you think it will show up good or should i just go with a regular color! Pleaseee email me back ASAP i want to go ahead nd get this now nd i also want one for my mommy!

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