Battle of the Grape 5s


So we have all seen pictures of the Black Grape 5s, some people like the regular grapes better (like myself) but there are also a good bit of people who like the black grapes better. Thanks to we finally have a side by side! Which do you prefer? Oh and by the way, I got my hands on a pair of Grape 5s and theyre niiiiiiice! But anyway, here are some side by side pics!



wpid-air-jordan-v-grape-black-grape-comparison-4-570x3801 wpid-air-jordan-v-grape-black-grape-comparison-2-570x3801 wpid-air-jordan-v-grape-black-grape-comparison-3-570x380 wpid-air-jordan-v-grape-black-grape-comparison-5-570x380

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