Happy 4th Sales!!

Happy 4th of July Ninjas 🎉🎥🎊!
It’s G.Bombss, here to super save yo wallet! Summer is here and stores are startin to pull out their hottest swimwear & those “oh-so-tempting” sales. A lot of us are too busy to be going through all those damn emails to find good deals so,… take a look below at the sites I found that’ll be easy on the conscious & on your pockets. Catch them quick! (see all sites & sale deadlines below.)

Nasty Gal Take 20% off err’thing & 25% off markdowns! I found these tops below in the sales section. Your welcome 😁. Ends tomorrow midnight.


I found these on Market HQ Major sale up to 75% off, girlllllll.
They have these super cute graphic tees(and more)that are no more than 19$ & embellished leggings for 14$. All on sale & if you spend up to 50$, shipping is free. I’m not even going to get into the shoe selection. They’re beautiful. Ugh. Ch-check it!


I absolutely LOVE these tees. They’re only 19$ from an online store, based out of London called Orphan’s ArmsThey don’t have a major selection of clothes, but what they do have is pretty legit.


check out these sites for sales too
Vicky Secrets
Banana Rep.
She Inside
Black Milk

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