Coming soon

Just a preview of some of the products that are coming soon! I really liked the Samsung commercials for MCHG and I was thinking of getting a screen shot of those on a tee….but then I found a picture of Jay while filming I guess, and figured hey may as well go with an actual photo so I do t have to worry about a lot of blurriness etc. So I went with that so this is a tee you should expect to see soon.


Along with that I ran into Biggies autopsy report on tmz, read the majority of it then saw a video from someone across the street who was there when the shooting actually happened, kinda chilling, then of course YouTube being YouTube led me to a bunch of “Tupac is still alive proof videos” lol so I wanted to find a really dope and rare pic of them together and throw it on a beanie! So be on the look out for both of these S&S items coming soon!


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