Joggers/hoodies preorder

I’d like to take the time out to thank everyone who preordered firstly, your support and continued business keeps me going and able to continue to provide more dope products. Secondly I would like to apologize again for the extreme delay even though it was completely out of my hands. You guys have been EXTREMELY patient with this preorder which has by far been the most stressful! And for that I really REALLY thank you guys.

Here is what the issue was… My manufacturer gave me the usual 3-4 week production time window. They didn’t start the hoodies until the 5th or 6th week, of course with a bunch of lies in between. That was when I sent out the emails saying I will be honoring all refund request once the 6th week starts for the delay. On top of that they started working on the next preorder, even though I told them not to because I wanted all available hands working on my hoodies, and I told them do not try to ship them together. They shipped the majority of the preorder, and then held what was left to ship with the shirts when the shirts finished to try to save on shipping costs. Of course they gave some bullshit excuse about how it was returned but I’m not stupid. So in turn what happened was that the medium, large, some XL, and XXL jackets weren’t sent to me at the same time as the rest. So what I was able to ship I have shipped, and the rest of the items won’t get here until Monday. So expect to get tracking info Monday.

I have already reached out to a new manufacturer so this should NEVER happen again..

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