Bred/Brooklyn preorder


Just wanted to give a heads up for those who ordered the Bred tee & crewneck and the Brooklyn crewneck. Your orders haven’t been lost or forgotten and you haven’t been scammed. Just waiting on the manufacturer to finish making them and ship them to me so that I can ship the, out to you guys. This is why the preorder gives such a wide window of time, for times like this. This happened in a previous preorder with my usual manufacturer, and I have gone to a new manufacturer……and it’s happening again. But bare with me guys I promise to get you your stuff and if not you will definitely be refunded.

13 responses to “Bred/Brooklyn preorder

  1. I have no problem waiting for the item to come in i didn’t plan on busting the t-shirt out tI’ll the summer. Things happen but a pair of socks or something would also be appreciated for the wait lol.

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