With any business there will always be a lot of different kinds of customers. One constant thing that I’ve seen with a lot of customers with different businesses is that the majority does not read (like you won’t read this). For those businesses like ours who use PayPal this causes a problem, because we ALWAYS encourage getting a size up from your normal size, and when the customer doesn’t read it and the item comes in smaller than they want they file a PayPal claim saying it is “significantly different than described” and when it is shown to them that it’s been there, the old classic “that wasn’t there before” line comes up. This is just a waste of time for both parties, as we will send all the info needed to PayPal and stay in close contact with them until the issue is resolved. Also there is another issue that has happened a couple of times with people who order and then later on say it was an unauthorized charge. There is no possible way that can happen since we have 0 access to your accounts and payments go through PayPal. Especially after the item has already shipped that is usually an easily closed case. Long story short, we are an honest business. Everywhere you shop online you shop at your own risk because you can not try the item on. Read before you purchase so you can get the best idea of what your getting and when you’re getting it (for preorders), don’t waste your time attempting PayPal claims because 9/10 times it is a user error and PayPal will easily see that once the evidence is given. Be an honest customer! 👍🏼

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